1883 Homestead on Opal Creek


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Prehistoric Rubbing Rocks

Take an easy hike along Kortum Trail on the bluff above the blue Pacific and you’ll be on the path of ancient herds that once lived here.  You'll pass several giant stone sentinels rising from the plain. These monoliths were carved by the ocean surf when sea levels were higher. They’re actually ancient sea stacks, just like the ones standing [...] Continue reading  

Love in the Redwoods

In 1849, strapping young dark haired twenty year old Tom Maddock married his sweetheart Alice in the village church in Wexford County, Ireland, and the next day they boarded a ship for the long sail to America. Their plan was to make a new life in California. They made their way to friends in Marin County. Tom had heard the [...] Continue reading  
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