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Few people know the treasures – what I call Sparks” – inside all 280 of California’s State Parks.

Here’s a chance to discover them.

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California holds some of the world’s most incredible places – landscapes of wonder, amazing beauty, diverse unique wildlife, culture and history, and sheer, natural fun. From warm sandy beaches to cold alpine lakes, from misty deep forests to hot-dried desert plains, there’s a reason people love to spend so much time outdoors here.

For most, the only way we’ll actually get to see and enjoy any of these places, this other, wilder California, is to visit them inside our 280 California State Parks. That’s something to consider. In a sea of off-limits private property, the Parks protect and preserve irreplaceable treasures of California, and keep them accessible to the public to enjoy, generation after generation.

Here’s a chance to discover some of those Sparks – and some encouragement to explore and see them in person on your own. Nothing on this site can compare with actually experiencing these places with your own five senses. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to show the Parks some love. Because without our support, they won’t be here.

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Every photograph on this site was taken in, or of, a California State Park.